This semester has given me some satisfaction.

It was a semester in which things went a little differently, I got fewer assignments and therefore more time for myself. For me this was a great relief, I've always been someone who tried to relate assignments to my own work.

I must admit that there were also some moments that I got distracted, with so much free time there was so much opportunity for my own work and experiments, sometimes I still thought too much and my day resulted instead of 'doing' ' to think. It's been a pretty experimental semester for me, I've done some cool stuff that I'm looking forward to doing more stuff like that. For a project I literally buried Paula M. alive in the dunes at 9:15 pm during a curfew!

It was also a semester in which I was away from school for a few days, I had Ramadan and got a bit sick. During this time I was able to think a lot (when does an artist really have a break?) During this time of thinking, many ideas, thoughts and frustrations have come to me that I will use in the second year.

I have found out that I am someone who works for my own satisfaction: If I like it, then so be it, it doesn't have to mean anything to you or someone else, as long as I can substantiate why I make certain choices in a work of art have made. This of course has both advantages and disadvantages, I also want and will delve more into this.

The swap week has meant a lot to me, I've had good conversations with Mr. Voorneman and I'm pretty sure that autonomous is the direction I want to take. Also something I have discovered is that I am not really a studio worker yet, I feel comfortable in my studio but prefer to work at home in my room or garden. This isn't necessarily a bad quality, but I'm curious how I'm going to translate this into year two.