In Guyana where I come from there are many mysterious stories. One of those stories is from the "winti". I myself am not a fan of talking about them because of the dark things they do, sorcery, black magic, voodoo, etc. What speculated for a while is that there are several houses were found in the Amazon (Guyana consists largely of the Amazon jungle area.)

Dwarves or maybe even witches would live in these houses, it was said.
What I did for my house assignment is creating a similar house that could come from these stories.

As you walk in the forest you encounter this house, it makes you wonder, who/what lives in this ''house?'' and what does it do? Guess we will never know. (53).png (3).jpg (57).png (2).jpg (52).png
a negative filtered picture of the house, is this a spell? (54).png
a close up