Learning Report, Farhad Mahamood (3022390), 7th of January

First of all, it feels good and energetic to be back at the KABK. I attended here myself for a year long when I was eleven years old, due a high-school course. I am used to some parts of the building, some other parts feel differently. Every time I walk through the basement storage I feel a strange nostalgia, here I had my locker.

What went well this semester on the basis of learning and my own practice is that I am working adequately, I notice that I always am, even when I don't have to, look and think about what I can do at/for school. I am also working experimentally if I can call it that, I am looking at what I do and do not like in every subject. I notice that in almost every course I do, that I want to continue to work and that I want to spend time on the course until I find that it really is finished.

As an honest self-reflection, I notice that I sometimes have trouble concentrating and really starting on an assignment. I think too much and sometimes get stuck in as mentioned above, "what should I do and what should I not do?" mindset. Or "is it appreciated if I do this like this and that?" This is sometimes a blockade but I never let it ruin my work, it must be human and especially in the field of art it will often occur. I notice that I sometimes get a bit distracted and then suddenly produce a lot more at home or suddenly come up with that spark of an idea that I could never have imagined before. This was already happening at the beginning of the semester, but then I quickly jumped to a certain idea, so to speak, I implemented this and that was it. Near the end of the semester I noticed that I really think even longer than I normally do, but do stop and schedule this in time so that I have a conceptually strong idea and fully support it, without spending much more time in the thought process that is needed.

It is good for myself to sometimes lower my brain and raise my hands and legs.

In this semester I found out that I get real satisfaction from working on the subject of fine art. As a man of my age, how do you get the closest to fine art, that is this course. Before I started here I thought to myself: 'I can't wait to work with my hands and to experiment with all kinds of things.' This semester I found out that it is indeed the case, and I am not disappointed. What I have also noticed is that, as I just said, I have to/can sometimes pause my thoughts, which is also a good invention for me I found this semester. In drawing and notations, for example, I had a lot of ideas, but to implement them all in a well-thought-out manner with a good, clear concept was afterwards more difficult. With autonoom it has been the case that sometimes I could have worked a bit larger, looking at artists that I myself look up to is a good idea, this is another example of thinking too much. I sometimes find it very difficult to determine when I should or should not work within the lines of what is accepted. An example of this without revealing my ideas is: What if I present very ''weird'', ''vague’’ things for certain subjects, would this be appreciated? Even if it is far from, for example, the assignment or e-mail?

I feel that I really learned a lot in this first semester. For example, the first thing that comes to mind is that I have got to know my body and mind in the field of art, what can I handle and what do I have difficulty with? In autonoom I have learned that many elements matter and especially the story behind what I make, if I am asked a question I must be able to answer this, what I create and put down to present is after all my own work. Art has so many possibilities and when do you really learn about art as a person? There is always a new and interesting possibility, this is also something I learned.

What I want and will improve in the coming semester is to remember and know when I should and should not do something. When do I have time to talk to others? When do I have to continue for a little longer? When should I stop thinking and just start on an idea? These are a few examples of things I want to improve. As an art learner, I'm well on my way, but I'm not there yet.